The CD is placed in the player

volume adjusted up or down

the arrow button pushed

and whether I am laying

in a darkened bedroom

to escape the throes of a migraine

or in front of a bright light

for therapy instructed by my doctor

or writing a poem or a blog

to share later with others

the piano music soars floats

surrounds elevates me

beyond my pain

beyond the storm

beyond the dark

beyond the light


I am the rain dripping

on leaves in a vine covered forest

I am a feather floating

through an azure sky


Image for post
Image for post
Original sketch for sale at Ravenwood Art Gallery in Norfolk, NE

Julie S. Paschold

From Nebraska, two degrees in Agronomy/Soil Science, love to write and draw, mother, twin, manic depressive, sensory sensitivity, PTSD, resilient.

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